Dear Reader,

My name is Zilvinas ‘Zil’ Norvilis and I am the author of this blog and I want to thank you for being here. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I do when I’m writing it. If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch with me.

Since July 2016 I’ve been working online full-time as a traffic provider, email marketer, affiliate marketer and currently preparing some informational products, so soon might also be able to call myself – product creator, but about this, I’ll post later sometime…

Running a successful online business requires a lot of effort, time and experience. Every single day I must find ways to fix the problems I face, in order to be successful and keep my business in business. Nowadays things change really fast and you must be aware of current and upcoming trends, fully understand and follow them, otherwise, you take deadly risk of becoming out-dated, obsolete and useless. This is why I want to share all my skills and experience with all you out there. Basically, it is the main propose of me creating this blog, also another important reason for this blog was the need and wish to train my English writing skills, as it clearly needs a lot of polishing 😉