How to advertise on Facebook in 2018?

Facebook is an encompassing community of different people and different communities. Presently, Facebook has over two billion users and over 800 million users active on Facebook every day. This creates a platform where you can get your idea and business out, and also create a strong brand. Successful business owners turn to Facebook for promoting their services and products. Facebook also has features that allow you to target the kind of audience you want. You can easily group your audience by choosing location, age, demographics, interests, and behavior.

Starting your advertisement campaign

You need to create a business page to begin. From your business page, you can easily assess the Facebook Ads Manager to kick start your campaign.

1. What’s your objective for starting the ad campaign?

You have to develop a clear cut reason why you want to start an ad campaign. Is it for conversion or for impressions? You need to choose the one that fits your business and goals before starting the campaign.

2. Choose a target audience

This is key to determining whether your investment will yield result or not. If you don’t carefully choose your audience, you might end up directing your ad to people who are not interested in your product and services. You can choose your target audience based on gender, location, interest and behavior.

3. Choose your budget

Facebook has different ads campaign packages that you can choose from. There are daily, weekly, and lifetime packages. You can then choose the package that fits into your existing budget. Also You can set the start and finish dates for your ad. You can go to the advanced budget options to see how your money is being used. Another interesting feature is that you can schedule your ad, helping you save money where you can.

4. Create your Facebook ads

You can promote one of the existing posts you have or you can create a new one from the scratch. Follow the following procedure to create a new ad:

  • Select your ad format
  • Create your media and text components. Ensure you stick to the Facebook recommended image sizes
  • Ensure your ad is perfect your different platforms such as mobile, desktop etc by using the preview tool.
  • Click the Confirm button and wait for Facebook to approve your ad campaign


Best Facebook ads practices

Here are tips that can help you get the best out of your Facebook ads campaign.

  • Experiment with different target audience

You cannot determine which audience will generate the best result. Therefore, it is highly advisable for you to try out different audiences to determine the one with the highest return rate. Start with a very narrow category and then gradually widen it till you get the most suited audience for your ads campaign.

  • Don’t use the same ads over and over again

People get bored of seeing the same thing over time. Try changing your ad element weekly or bi-weekly.

  • Be flexible

Facebook has different features that you can make use of. Test the different features and learn how to bring the best out of your ad campaign.

  • Use a Facebook Pixel

You can have a whole new experience by making use of a code know as Facebook pixel. After placing the code on your website, you can easily follow conversions, create lookalike audiences and retarget people who have visited your website to view your product.

  • Use a call to action

The main reason behind using ads is to ensure people do something. Most people might get confused and stuck if you don’t tell them what to do next after viewing your ad. Use a Call to action that tells people what to do to learn more about your products and services.

  • Use high quality videos and photos.

People get turned when they see low quality advertisement with burry images. As important as your write-up is, your visuals occupy are much important place because that is what really gets the attention of the viewers.

Use the right format for your Facebook ad, and also remember to use only top-notch videos and photos. If you are advertising your product, it is recommended that you upload the pictures of the products and people who have previously used the product.

You can get the best out of your Facebook ads by following the above tips. With enormous number of users, Facebook offers business owners and individual the platform to get their products and services out there to people who really needs.

Thank you for reading and I hope this helped You learn how to adverise on Facebook and now nothing will stand in a way for You to succeed with your online advertisement and business in general. Please leave your comments bellow with any tips and questions. Thanks you 😉

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