Best low risk high return investments.

As the cost of living is increasing it has become essential that we invest whether it is hundred or a million dollars. We all know that when we invest we want the best return on our investment. Remember that the more return you would want, the higher risk you will have to deal with.
However, when you are saving for the college you cannot deal with the risks. A common question that most of the people ask is What are the best shares to invest in companies that invest money for you. To help you out here we have a list of best low risk high return investments
Types of risks
Some of the common risks that are associated with investments are.

  • Market risk;
  • Interest rate risks;
  • Reinvestment risk;
  • Legislative risk;
  • Political risk;
  • Purchasing power risk;
  • Liquidity risk;
  • Tax risk.


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1-Peer to peer lending

It is the highly recommended form of investment and you will have the surety that your money is in the safe hands. Instead of investing your shares in a company it is advised that you lend it to someone who will return the amount in a short time. You have to be very careful during the selection of the person because it turns out to be a scam your entire investment will be lost. Use legal method or have some kinds of documents so you will not have to deal with anything wrong. [/nextpage][nextpage]

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2-High interest saving

If you are planning to earn a decent interest without any risk then high yield savings account will be your best choice. You will have to keep your money as a deposit in the bank and every month you will get an interest according to the percentage of money that you have kept. During the selection of the bank you have to be very careful. The bank should have a good reputation and reliable customer services.[/nextpage][nextpage]

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3-Credit Card Rewards

If you are planning to earn some free money, credit card rewards will be the best option. When you spend the required amount of money from the cards, you will earn some rewards in retune. You can use these rewards while shopping or you can have them in the cash back for. if you can earn a reward of 50,000 points it means that you will get a cashback of $500. This is the reason that credit card rewards are called the closest thing to free money that anyone can earn.[/nextpage][nextpage]

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Annuities is a decent form of investment, but you have to be very careful with the procedure. The reason is that you will have to sign a document regarding the annuities that you are going to invest in. now in this case you have to read and understand the values properly otherwise it might lead to some serious problems.
Remember that there are three types of return on investments when it comes to annuities.
Fixed returns
Variable returns
Returns whose value depends on the stock market
In this way, you will get different types of protections from the annuities that you invest in.[/nextpage][nextpage]

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5-Certificate of deposit

Certificate of deposit is a boring form of investment because all you have to do is wait. You can buy the certificate from your bank or the credit union. You will invest a certain amount of money with the help of Certificate of deposit. Then you will have to wait for a long period of time and after that, you will get a guaranteed return on the investment you have made. Most of the time a decent sum of profit is included. Make sure that you buy the Certificate of deposit from a reliable platform so that you can have the promised return on your investment.[/nextpage][nextpage]

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6-Money market funds

It is a mutual fund that is created for all the individuals that do not want to lose their investment. In the process of money market finds you will have to deposit a certain amount of money every month and one of the members will get the return for its investment. Sometime the market will add some interest in the money but most of the time you will get the amount that has been promised in the beginning. You can even take some help from the broker while you are investing so that you will find the best and most reliable platform for the purpose.[/nextpage][nextpage]

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7-Municipal bonds

When the government authorities want some money they will release the municipal bonds. The biggest benefit of these bonds is that they will protect you from all types of income taxes and the amount you have invested in the bonds will be returned after a certain period of time. Having the municipal is a safe strategy because even if the taxes are increased by the government you will not have to suffer from the cause because your money has been invested in the tax-free bonds.[/nextpage][nextpage]

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8-Saving bonds

Saving bonds is a good option because they are protected by the government authorities. It means that you will not have to worry about any kind of frauds or scams. It is a reliable option for the college students because they can easily withdraw the money when they have to pay for their college funds. You can also hold the values to the maturity that will help you to get some extra interest. On the other hand, if you do not want to do that you will still earn the standard interest which means that the value of your investment will be increased.[/nextpage][nextpage]

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Bottom line

Select one of the best low risk high return investments that you are most comfortable with. You have to assure that you invest your money with a reliable source so that you will not have to deal with any frauds when you are near the withdrawal. Compare the risk and return on investments for different platforms before making a decision so that you will get the best deals.[/nextpage]

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