What is the Best Cloud Service for Small Business in 2018?

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Best Cloud Service for Small Business

What is the Best Cloud Service for Small Business in 2018? There comes a time when your business demands become so big that you cannot handle everything yourself. At this point, you need to make use of specific tools that would assist you in your daily dealings and make things easier for you. There are many programs and tools for email marketing services, accounting services etc. In this article, we would list the best cloud services for small business cloud that would help you with your business expansion

Cloud programs for small business

The programs that are listed below are user-friendly and can be assessed and used by almost anyone. The following are the best cloud services for small business:

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  1. Salesforce: successful business owners understand that CRM is the most important asset in their business. For your business to be successful, you need to keep an effective and efficient customer database. Salesforce is the best CRM tool with additional features.
  2. Xero: another essential of the successful business is the keeping of proper account. Not all business owners can afford most accounting software due to their high price. However, Xero is affordable and easy to use.
  3. Dropbox: this is one of the best cloud backups for business. sharing files with your business partners has never been easier. Dropbox offers real-time file sharing and you can give your feedback on each document. Since everything is shared through the cloud, you can still assess your file even if you misplace your device.
  4. HostGator: When your business starts expanding, a tool you shouldn’t overlook is a business website. Though creating a website used to be difficult, HostGator has made the process easy and quick. You only need to follow a well laid down procedure and the web hosting site will do the rest.
  5. Shopify: Shopify is one of the best cloud programs for small business for a number of reasons. It makes selling online very easy. It is easy to use and comes at a very cheap price.
  6. Citrix Grasshopper: Expanding business means you need to keep in contact with a lot of people. This means you would have to spend a lot on communicating with your team members across the globe. Click Grasshopper is a go-to Voice over IP (VoIP) which has call feature, voicemail and call routing at a very affordable price. With a starting price of $12, you can enjoy this amazing tool and save tangible fee on calls.
  7. SpiderOak: this is another tool which allows cloths cloud backup for businesses.  Clients develop trust you in when they know you can keep their information private. SpiderOak is a platform where the privacy of your clients can be guaranteed. With 30GB of space, the SpiderOak is only $7 per month.


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