Humans have always judged a book by its cover whether it is a presentation, a cuisine or a high-tech product. We have always loved the items that have been beautifully designed.
It only takes 2 seconds for the human mind to decide whether the product is attractive or not. 2 seconds is all the web designers have to grab the attention of the visitors. It is important that your ecommerce website design is visually appealing so the visitors will love it in the very first glance.
In simple words, your ecommerce platform should be able to grab the attention of the visitors right off the bat. The design should be nothing less than spectacular. To give you some idea here we have some of the famous ecommerce sites that have the most inspiring web designs.


The website has added both style and personality by using some subtle colors paired with the proper animation schemes. You will get feedback when you place the icon on different places of the screen. Keep your cursor on the hairdryer and it will bounce on its cord that creates a very appealing effect.
Simple and attractive animations like these have made the ecommerce website design interesting. It is fun to use and the visitors are not irritated or overwhelmed. When you will add different colors and hovering icons to your site it will give an interesting feeling to the visitors and they will find your platform fun to use.


If you are looking for a unique ecommerce web design, Northernism is the perfect platform. They have created a fresh look that is different from the traditionally designed ecommerce platforms. Everything about the site feels much less familiar because
The design patterns are unique
They have placed the text in the grids
Placement of images is very unique
There are simple images on every page that makes it easy to understand their message. On every page, there is plenty of whitespaces that creates an appealing look. They have made their products feel luxurious by technically using the photographs. The simplicity of the website makes it seem less busy then the rest.

3-Bill Blass

The retailer has ideally designed the website by letting go of the traditional boxes in which the clothes are often placed. They have designed their inventory with such perfection that it seems like a single big image.
All the products have been arranged on the homepage of the website. The site looks really amazing because it has been combined with the perfect color scheme. It means that platform more appealing. In this design, you can drop funny products randomly that will make the site even more interesting to use.

4-The Practical Man

The men’s sportswear site always has to be unique and manly to grab the attention of the males. The retailer has built an ecommerce website with the black layout and some bold highlight. The products have been displayed in a mismatched manner to give it a memorable and distinctive style.
There are several large menus. It makes it easy for the customers to easily navigate the items they have been looking for. the bold style has perfectly displayed all the items and so the customers love to use this highly interactive platform. Visitors always look for the platforms that are satisfying to use.


The ecommerce website hosting can never be done better than Press. They have used a huge picture of the books that copy the atmosphere of the library or a bookshop. It appeals the book lovers to go ahead and scroll down.
The products have been arranged in the huge white and black boxes. The grid has been perfectly arranged for easy access. For each book, you will get the feel through the huge product shots. They feel more realistic and it is easy for the retailers to grab the attention of the visitors.

6-A Book Apart

Most of the bookselling platforms use the huge grids and large images to display their products. A Book Apart has innovated the style by adding block color covers to display their series of products vividly and to show brief books to the people who have been establishing the websites.
You will notice that the entire collection of the books is easily available as a bundle that makes it easy to access and buy. You can easily resize the screen the enjoy the complete effect. They have ideally used the CSS transitions on their homepage to display different features of the main book that they have.

7-Ada Blackjack

It is the platform for the handmade good and the leather products. Their items might be simple and traditional but the ecommerce website design they have used makes all the difference. They have used the large hero images to express their services. There are clean and simple images of all the products that are available on their platform.
The most inspiring feature of the platform is every product has been displayed in a larger version so customers will get a real-time view of every product. they have given a different structure to the website by moving away from the traditional pop-ups.

Bottom line

In this age of technology building, the ecommerce website design is very easy. There are many only tools and apps available that will allow you to develop your own website within seconds. However, you have to be careful during the selection of the templates and layouts.
Select the web design that will match the personality of your business. Display it in a unique way that customers will receive your message in the first glance. Remember that if your website is not attractive to the visitors and you are not displaying your products creatively, you are definitely leaving money on the table.
An attractive website always plays a key role in the online marketing and sales. It will improve the perceived value of your services and products and your online platform will seem more trustworthy.

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