They Just Over Overload it!

Here’s something about your Landing Page, what probably to 99% of you will be shocking to hear, but it’s truth:


Majority of new marketers overload their landing pages with texts, sub-texts another text and so on, and not only this, they also try to insert some image or graphic in everywhere possible on their page. All these useless pieces make it look more like Christmas decoration or something and not like a serious business opportunity. And surely, we want to be taken seriously.


Bad example #1 Notice how many useless texts here? I have no idea if there is pitchline at all here, too plain for my taste and nothing stand out or hooks up a visitor.  Also, there is secondary text too. In Genreal It’s just awfull…

Bad example #2 This one has also far too many distractions. I would consider this to be pretty low optiner too… Nobody needs that many elements…


Some people just look, like they are not decided about what they promote, so they put multiple pitch lines, additional images and other useless crap. If it doesn’t add anything to the general offer, why the hell include it in your page at all? Not only it distracts visitor it also adds weight to overall server load and slows page loading.


What do I recommend?

I Prefer using a very simple idea for all my pages. For landing pages, in particular, I prefer using short, but strong pitch lines, that get’s attention quickly, for example using the sum of money in your pitch is always very good idea as it is very tempting to click. Using different sizes of text is also a very good way to distinguish more important text parts from others (ie make the sum of money in scaled font and other text make of smaller font). Also, use different font color, bold and underline for the same purpose. Another tip is to avoid using the word – FREE. Nobody gives a damn about free stuff. I never use it in my pages. Maybe in very rare occasions only, like in FREE VIDEO example.


Good example #1 This is a really nice landing page. The text is short and convincing. Sum is mentioned, small graphic and background look very nice too. But the most important is simplicity and instant attention hook up.

Good example #2 This example is with minimal design, that works pretty well too. Simple catchy pitch and sign up form – PERFECT! Also in this case word free is acceptable, as word video gives it a twist. Also, note how it is made to stand out from other text, by just using CAPS and different font color. Simple but does the job perfectly!


These examples are not meant to be copy/paste, they are just examples to illustrate how simple it is to actually create a well-converting landing page… Examples above might NOT even convert well these days, just because of they old and probably over used and saturated. Use it as the example and DO NOT COPY Word for word! Simply put, the digital business always changes and it needs you to adjust yourself to it. That’s why cloning stuff doesn’t pay off, to succeed fastest YOU need to be INNOVATIVE!

In conclusion, I would say successful page doesn’t need much, it must be as simple as possible and tell everything by using as little words as possible, avoid useless details and make page load time quick and steady.  Another thing I must mention is how your sites appear not only on desktop browsers but mobile and other gadgets like ipads and tabs too. Nowadays mobile internet users make up probably half (if not more) of all online users. Obviously, this makes up a huge portion of visitors on your pages, it would be a shame to make them see your pages all warped up and impossible to comprehend, you basically lose them without giving a chance…

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