If you have anything to do with business online, and online traffic in particular you probably have heard of Qliker. The tracking system that is a brand new alternative to ClickMagick (CM) and provides most of CM’s features for half the price. I was looking forward to it being great piece of software and was hoping for best, but eventually I have learnt the old, but gold truth, which I will outline in this 100% Honest Qliker Review.

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I’ve been using Qliker since August 2018 and have quite some experience to share with other people. When I bought Qliker, It was addition to my tracking tool set. ClickMagick was already there since mid 2016. I liked CM already as my primary link tracker, but I was running into some frustrating issues and I always wanted to find some new tracking tool to replace ClickMagick with. So when I saw twice cheaper alternative it was no-brainer. I’ve quickly signed up and gave it a try.  Qliker’s Starter plan is just $8 per month.

When it started Qliker was lacking stability and up-time. Their servers seemed to be very slow and problems with database were apparent. Hopefully they later switched hosting and this  improved everything in general. Acts like that show them being a serious organization and am sure they will be improving even more. Who knows maybe one day they will put ClickMagick and their high-priced service to the shame.

Print-screen of Invoices in Qliker Dashboard


When it comes to best features in Qliker I really like the ability to display more than 20 rows per page in the link table. Qliker for a fact allows you to select how many rows to display per page and it goes up to 100 rows at most. This makes stat checking and analyzing even more pleasurable as you can see all the data at once.

Maybe it’s just me, but this purlple color seems really attractive and good for my eyes. I would dare to say that Data visualization in general is more better in Qliker compared to that Greenish color of ClickMagick.

Another great feature is the ability to use ‘Real time randomization’. I always was a fan of randomizing links and this was something I havent seen before. It really worked and indeed randomized it in real time. Love it!

In Qliker Support Forum you could leave questions and get a response to it in like 24 hours or so. They are pretty help-full with answers. So if you run in any issues you will easily find the way out.


After analyzing data and doing all the research for this Qliker review  I came to the conclusion, that if You just staring with tracking and wanna test it out you will have no better choice than Qliker. Greatest service for the price range. Great support and nice design.

This is 100% honest review and I will suggest you to start tracking your clicks with Qliker and remember that

tracking links is what makes you professional.

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