Solo Ads can be the greatest traffic driving tool if you know how to use it. Ordering traffic from any random vendor and just sending it to your landing page is not going to cut it… Buying clicks from a random unknown guy online is a bad idea itself.  Because of a high risk of getting scammed. Solo Ads is a field where scamming is very common and avoiding it is a daily task for every solo ad marketer. You can use this Solo Ads Buying Guide to help you buy your solo ads easy and with no risk at all.

Who Should Use “Solo Ads Buying Guide”?

If you never bought solo ad before, or if you did, but your purchase was very unsuccessful and now you’re still thinking you will never buy it again,  then this Solo Ads Buying Guide is exactly for you.

What’s a Solo Ad?

Simply put, the vendor sends your offer to a number of emails of people. Those people are interested in the niche of your offer. This is why solo ads are so good for driving highly responsive traffic. It also is very quick and basically working with all kind of offers and promotions.

Which Offers Works Best?

A major number of solo vendors are working in Make Money niche. So generally,  solos work best with offers like Work From Home, Job Opportunity, Make Money Online and similar.

Where to Get High-Quality Traffic?

First off, you need to know where to get high-quality clicks from, and only then you even dare to think of paying money and driving it to your offer. Discovering good vendors is an expensive and very slow task. You must order services from multiple vendors. Try to experience every aspect of it in order to determine whether it is a good or bad vendor.

Good news! I have done all the hard work for you and I have spent tons of money and have tested so many solo ads. I will be sharing here with you all the list of my personal best solo ads providers.

  1. Harshwardhan Singh
  2. Darren Goligher
  3. Ramas Smi
  4. Zaidi Ali
  5. Matija Balantic
  6. Fredrik Forsman
  7. Roy Tay
  8. Austin Wayne
  9. Howie Johnson
  10. Ali Lihic

You can find and contact all these guys on Facebook via private message. In order to get the best offer, be sure to mention me and the fact that you learned about them on my blog.

On top of all this, I must add my own traffic. I myself am a well established and trusted traffic vendor. I have had hundreds of super successful runs and testimonials. To learn more about my traffic click here.

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