Starting a Small Online Business 

For everyone who wants to attain success with their small online business, they need to know that success doesn’t come by chance. There are laid down steps one needs to follow to start a successful online business. As many as have tried out these proven steps realized that success in internet business can be attained with minimal effort and cost. The following are the guidelines many have followed to attain success in internet business:

  1. Identify and solve a problem or need;
  2. Write a sellable copy;
  3. Own an easy-to-use website;
  4. Drive traffic through search engines.
  5. Build a good business reputation;
  6. Strengthen your relationship with customers and subscribers by sending them email;
  7. Earn more through upselling and back-end sales.


Regardless of whether you are thinking of what you need to do to start an internet business, or you have been in one for a while, these steps can a game changer for you.

Step 1: Identify and solve a problem or need.

The mistake most people make is looking for a product that sells best in the market. However, the right step to take is to identify what the market needs at that particular time. Identify a need or problem and provide an appropriate solution to it.

Identify a group of people with a problem but without a solution. The easiest way to locate such people is through the use of the internet to carry out market survey.


  • Locate people who have being asking a particular question on online forum.
  • Conduct a keyword research to identify the keywords people have been searching for but only few answers have been provided for them.
  • Identify what your competitors are doing and how you can do better in that area. Create a solution that would be better off what your competitors are presently offering.


Step 2: Write a sellable copy

You need to provide your potential customers with an interactive sales copy that clearly explains everything they need to do to have a smooth purchase experience.

  1. Write a captivating headline to gain their attention
  2. Clearly explain what the product does.
  3. Create an image of a problem solver in yourself.
  4. Include the testimonials of customers who have benefited from using the product.
  5. Describe the product and what the users will benefit from it.
  6. State your best offer.
  7. Give them an assurance
  8. Create urgency.
  9. Include a call to action for them to purchase the product.

You need to clearly state how your product differs in solving people’s problem. A customer cares more about the benefits they would get from using your product.

Step 3: Own an easy-to-use website

The next step to take after identifying your product and market is to own you’re a small-business website. Visitors take less than five seconds to determine if a website will be worthwhile or not. Therefore, keep everything simple. Your website should be simple enough for customers to navigate around. Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when designing your website:

  • Use a mixture of one or two plain fonts on white background.
  • Navigation should be as simple as possible throughout the website.
  • Use audio, graphics or video only when they would convey a better message.
  • Include a feature that allows you collect e-mail addresses such as opt-in offer.
  • Purchase process should be as easy as possible. You should limit the process to not more than 2 stages.
  • Since your website showcase what you sell, ensure it is customer friendly.

Step 4: Drive traffic through search engines

Most people wait for a very long time to get organic traffic to their websites. However, the easiest way to drive traffic to a new website is through pay-per-click advertising. The PPC ads immediately comes up in search engine pages. Another advantage of using the PPC is that you will be able to determine the perfect combination of keywords, prices, headlines, and selling approaches that works best for you. After identifying the keywords that people use, you can then input it into every page of your website and your website with time rank high in search engine ranking. This will lead to real organic traffic through search engine rankings.

Step 5: Build a good business reputation

People search for different information on the internet. You can write free articles on other website that provides answers to what people are searching for online. You should add your website link to each article and you will see an increase in traffic to your website.

  • Create articles that help people address different needs and post n different online forums. You can include video, audio, and graphics.
  • Add “send to a friend” link on your website that allows visitors to share your valuable contents.
  • Become active in social networking sites and forums where your potential customers are.

Your website search engine ranking will also be positively affected when there is influx of traffic from reputable websites and forums.

Step 6: Strengthen your relationship with customers and subscribers by sending them email.

Your contact list is the most valuable asset an online entrepreneur can have. Create an opt-in feature that allows your customer provide their emails and their permission to receive emails. ou will be able to follow up your customers with emails. the permission ensures:


  • You are not doing something without their consent.
  • You a building a strong and professional working relationship.
  • You can expect a 100% response.
  • Unlike, print, radio and Tv, email marketing is cheaper and more effective since target audience is carefully chosen.


Step 7: Earn more through upselling and back-end sales

People who have previously purchased from you are more likely to buy again if you do a proper follow-up. The most difficult and expensive step is getting them to make the first purchase. After the first sale, using back-end selling and upselling will be perfect to ensure they patronize you again.


  • Offer products that can be used with the first product they purchased.
  • Make use of electronic loyalty coupons that they can use on their next purchase.
  • Your “Thank You” page should feature related product they can consider after making their purchase.


Appreciate your customers for their patronage and they would be encouraged to visit when they need something else.


People have used the internet to attain success in different things but the principle of achieving this success is the same. If you are thinking of how to start a small online business, then following this sequence would benefit you greatly. You can also check the step(s) you have been neglecting if you haven’t had much success from your online business.

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