Hello Guys,

I would like to write about the creation of my first product in a question/answer manner so it is easier to read and to understand. So here we go.

What’s It All About?

A couple of days ago I released my first product. It took me a long time to finally put it all together and let it loose into the wild. I just wanted to share this experience with everyone. And ask for any tips from experienced readers, who maybe can also remember their first product releases? Would love to hear your stories. And maybe I can help others who are working on their firsts.

What’s The Product(s)?

It is a video course in the Make Money Online niche. It is revealing my way of building successful sales funnels. I have 5 products, all of which makes up the funnel. Each of them is great and appends well on each other (making up-selling/down-selling easy peasy).




How Long it Took Me?

It took me about 3 months including more than a month period without doing anything. Let me tell you how important stubbornness and faith is when it comes to product creation. Yes I have lost my faith when I already was near finishing it. I worked hard without planning and when almost couple months in the product making I realised I need multiple products and that I need tons of other stuff. I almost quit, gladly I later on realised how close I was and I  eventually I ended up making it. This posts main reason of existing is why I don’t want anyone to have same experience.

What’s in it for YOU?

You can become one of my affiliates and promote it. You can become a client and learn building online business. You can do both too. Build your business helping me selling.

Tips and Trick

I just wanted to share some tips and tricks to help other. Here’s what I have learnt this far on my journey:

Tip #1

Let me tell you that Product itself is not enough. Or should I say products, plural. Because that’s what makes up funnel. You need at least 3 – 5

Tip #2

Plan it out. Create products very related to themselves. As I said Each of them must be appending well on each other (makes upselling/downselling easy peasy).

Tip #3

If you’re serious about You business YOU must build your product as soon as possible. Everybody knows that old saying ‘The Money is in The List’, here’s another one for you ‘Your own product is where the REAL money is’.

Please leave comment if you have any questions/tips or whatever 😉

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