Click Banking: Build Your Email List for Free

Click Banking: Build Email List for Free
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We know how important the money is when you are just starting your online entrepreneurship. Money is required for everything and saving some, here or there is always a good idea. Click Banking is probably the biggest saver when it comes to list building and lead generation. Saving money when building your list really helps you in a long run.


Why Click Banking?

In my opinion, Click Banking is a double victory. Not only you get free leads, but also you have a place where you can send clicks from your broadcasts so they never go to waste. I think that every marketer building a list should incorporate click banking in their business models.

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How Does it Work?

It is very simple.  All you have to do is send agreed amount of clicks to your partner’s link after you just give your link to your partner and he would return the clicks back to you. So you sorta put those clicks to the bank, because you will be able to get them back later when your partner will return you the clicks. It is a really handy way to save clicks for later occasions and not just force them to nowhere. You can invest in clicks using your clicks, it’s a truly smart way to build your list and it is totally free.

Where to find Click Banking Partners?

Most of my click banking partners came from 2 major Facebook groups:

ClickBanking Testimonials and Click Bank Testimonials

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All You have to do is join those groups and PM some authors or partners of freshest testimonial posts. Just say hello to them and ask if they want to have click banking round with you. Usually, they want new people to either send clicks first or see testimonials. So if you just starting don’t go crazy with partners number. Begin with 2-3 partners you send and 2-3 you receive clicks first.